Beer List

1648Laughing Frog Golden Ale5.2%Brewed by Yanick, the French brewer at 1648 Brewery - Laughing Frog is a French Belgium style beer amber gold lightly hopped slightly sweet with full malty taste.
AcornBarnsley Gold 4.3%This award-winning golden beer has good bitterness levels, with a fresh citrus and hop aroma.
Backyard BrewhouseMay the Fourth Be With You 4.0%A cheeky nod to possibly the most iconic space adventure ever. A dry bitter with a resinous pine aroma and character
Bank TopDark Mild4.0%A full bodied dark mild with a malt and roast aroma, rich mouth-feel and a complex taste including roast malt and liquorice.
BinghamsVanilla Stout 5.0%RUNNING LOW
Box SteamPiston Broke 4.5%A robust golden ale, refreshingly hoppy with bittersweet fruity aroma. Piston Broke is a celebration of Goldings and Cascade hops with tropical and citrus fruit notes on the nose and a hint of grapefruit behind a full bodied finish.
Coach HouseBanoffee 4.2%This is a medium-coloured golden brew, with a finely balanced addition of Goldings hops, and redolent of the flavour and aroma of banana and toffee, making this a beer to remember.
CotleighCotleigh 254.0%An explosion of flavours originating from American Cascade hops gives this brilliant pale golden beer a fresh aroma and fruit filled finish. Originally brewed to celebrate the brewery's 25th Anniversary in June 2004.
Dorset Dorset Knob 3.9%SOLD OUT.
ExeterFraid Not 4.0%A deep golden straw in colour this ale has a terrific hoppy aroma, distinct bitterness and consequent dry finish.
HOP BACKSummer Lightning5.0%SOLD OUT
Kelham IslandPride of Sheffield 4.0%A full flavoured amber coloured bitter. The initial aroma of English Fuggle hops predominates leaving a beer which is pleasant on the palate.
Kirkby Lonsdale Crafty Mild3.6%Brewed with a blend of dark malts, delicately hopper offering a moorish mild.
LythamLytham Gold 4.2%A premium strength golden ale with a sweet, delicate caramel character. Finished with enticing spicy hop aromas.
MaximSamson 4.0%Samson was launched by Vaux Breweries Ltd to quench the thirst of steelworkers on Teesside. It is brewed mainly using Maris Otter malt, with a blend of a small amount of Crystal and roasted malts to deliver its distinctive flavour. The balance, bitterness and aroma is enhanced through the addition of English Golding hops to both the main brew and individually to each cask. A very distinctive beer that delivers a lingering bitterness from the roasted malt on the back of the palate with a deceptively dry finish.
MillsCountry Wobbler 4.8%A light amber coloured premium bitter with bold flavours of malt and hops and with a long,clean dry finish.
Mr Grundy'sBig Willie 4.3%Thirst quenching golden ale packed with English hops giving a light bitter finish.
Old SpotTongue Tangler 4.1%A light coloured, citrus& grapefruit flavoured ale.
PeerlessKnee Buckler IPA 5.2%A wonderfull golden IPA style beer - At 5.2% there is good strength and lots of initial hop bitterness which is matched with a little hint of sweetness from the use of Crystal and Caramalts, The aftertaste and aroma comes from a blend of American hops, Citra, Cascade and Columbus which gives a distinct fruity finish.
QuartzQuartz Crystal 4.2%Pale amber in colour with a hint of roast character and a continental hop finish.
RamsgateShe Sells Seashells 4.7%As the searing heat of an English High Season kicks in (?) our seaside summertime special is a very satisfying pale ale with a welcome and refreshing zesty hit of hops.
Reedley HallowsBeer O'Clock 3.8% A golden refreshing citrus ale with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.
RoostersYPA 4.1% Beautifully balanced pale coloured beer with pronounced raspberry and flower aromas. English and European hops.
SalopianLemon Dream 4.5%A shimmering golden ale that is brewed using organic lemons which adds beautifully subtle zesty aromas and a citrus filled fruity finish.
St Peter'sRuby Red Ale 4.3%A tawny red ale with subtle malt undertones and a distinctive spicy hop aroma from Styrian Goldings. Ruby Red is a seasonal ale produced in the Autumn.
Three B'sKnocker Up 4.8%A porter with an exotic ebony texture and a deep, rich palate of roast and chocolate malt.
Totally BrewedSlap in the Face 4.0%Hoppy blonde ale. Generously hopped with summit, cascade and chinook. Refreshing tangerine and pomegranate flavours.
ValeBlack Beauty Porter 4.4%An award winning wholesome full bodied Porter. Intense malt flavour gives way to a wonderful hop flavour with a pleasant burnt sugar, caramel like character.
ValeRed Kite4.3%Red Kite is a refreshing Chestnut Red beer with a bitter finish. Maris Otter Crystal, Chocolate and roasted barley provide a full body whilst Northdown, Fuggle, Williamette and Brewers Gold hops combine to offer a subtle starting bitterness with a strong bitter finish.
WensleydaleSemer Water 4.1%A refreshing light straw coloured beer with hints of caramel and citrus.
WolfSirius Dog Star4.4%Unique flavoured red ale. Lightly hopped with American Galen and cluster, this smooth beer has a soft fruity finish.
WorsthorneRed Man 4.2%A smooth well flavoured light amber bitter, with overtones of honey and citrus. It has a satisfying aftertaste and subtle lingering bitterness.
Yorkshire HeartGet Pithed Orange Fruit Beer4.2%A golden coloured fruit beer full of citrus orange flavours creating a refreshing beer perfect for any time of the day.